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VeriSM™ Essentials & Foundation

Every organization is a service provider in today’s market.  Even organizations selling products need to add a level of service to them.

How do we best manage our services and keep our consumers happy? 

Recent years have seen an explosion of different service management practices, leaving organizations confused about the best way forward.

VeriSM is a new approach to help you create a flexible operating model that will work for you, based on your desired business outcomes.


What is VeriSM?

VeriSM is a service management approach for the digital age that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes. VeriSM helps organizations to define their service management principles, and develop a responsive operational model based on an integrated selection of management practices. VeriSM acknowledges the value of what has been done before, and provides an up-to-date approach to Service Management to make sure you are ready for the Digital Age. 

Based around the VeriSM model, it shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers. VeriSM allows for a tailored approach depending upon the type of business you are in, the size of your organization, your business priorities, your organizational culture – and even the nature of the individual project or service you are working on.

VeriSM stands for:

  • Value Driven
  • Evolving 
  • Responsive
  • Integrated Service Management.


The most important part of VeriSM is the unique Management Mesh.

VeriSM certification is avaliable in three modules:

  • Essentials - gives a comprehensive introduction to the service management principles
  • Foundation - combines content of Essentials and looks at the progressive practices and innovative technologies of modern service management


Target Group

Anyone involved in managing services - not just in IT.

The course will be of particular interest to:

  • Managers – who want to understand how to leverage evolving management practices
  • Service owners and service managers – who need to bring their skills up to date and understand how service management has changed
  • Executives – who are accountable for effective service delivery
  • IT professionals
  • Graduates and undergraduates – who will be joining organizations and who need to understand the principles of service management
  • Everyone within a service organization. 

Participants should have basic knowledge of agile (obtained, for example, by completing the Agile Scrum Foundation course). Knowledge of ITSM is an advantage (obtained, for example, by completing the ITIL Foundation course).


VeriSM courses and exams

Our in-house/ in-company VeriSM course takes 2 days. We use a well balanced mix of theory and practical exercises. Participants recieve the official VeriSM training materials and official sample tests for each module.

After the course the exam can be taken - Essentials or Foundation. VeriSM exams are multiple choice and in English.

VeriSM includes:

  • Service culture
  • Organizational context
  • People/structure
  • Service management challenges
  • Processes, tools and measurement
  • The VeriSM model
  • Operating in a world of digital transformation
  • Selecting and integrating management practices
  • Progressive management practices including Lean, DevOps and Agile
  • The impact of technology on service management
  • Getting started


Each of our VeriSM course delegate receives:

  • the official publication "VeriSM™ - A service management approach for the digital age"
  • the official VeriSM Foundation courseware
  • VeriSM Exam preparation guide
  • trial VeriSM Essentials and Foundation exams
  • on demand e-mail support from the moment they order the course
  • access to the Examination Institute's (EI's) portal

VeriSM A service management approach for the digital age        VeriSM Foundation Courseware



The price of the VeriSM express course is 300 € + 150 € EXIN VeriSM Essentials or 210 € EXIN VeriSM Foundation certification exam per person.

For public courses, you can choose between virtual and in-person participation. Surcharge for the in-person form is 50 € per person. It includes snacks, lunches, parking and wi-fi connection for the duration of the course.

For public virtual courses, the price includes a half-hour remote consultation with our lead trainer Stefan Ondek, PMP, which you can use within 3 months from ordering the training.

Possible discounts

  1. If you are interested in taking the VeriSM Essentials exam instead of the VeriSM Foundation exam, you will pay 150 €/person for the Essentials exam.

If you would like to use one of the above discounts then please mention this when sending us requirement for the course.

The listed prices are exclusive of VAT, which is applied and charged in line with relevant regulations. Our general terms & conditions apply.

Best Price Guarantee:

If you obtain a better price offer for a VeriSM course accredited by EXIN, BSC or APMG held in the same location, time period, delivered by a comparably experienced trainer with guarantees comparable to ours, we will beat it - just present it to us.


Our Course Date Guarantee:

We value both the time and money of our customers. We therefore guarantee you that if you make a binding course booking with us and pay your participant fee on time, we will not cancel the given training due to lack of participants or any other subjective reasons.


How to book a course?

Please contact us with name of course, number of participants and your time and place preferences for the course.