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PRINCE2, ITIL, Scrum Master I + Agile Foundation training and certification, PMI courses - project management freelancers

"I would like to thank you for a very well-designed e-learning for the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams. I passed the Practitioner exam yesterday (for the first time). :-) Thank you for all your support during the preparation and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I will look forward to any further courses."

Tereza Halouzková

"The most I liked the case studies and explaining the processes. I chose you on the basis of references and quality guarantee. I would recommend you to others as well :-)

 Jana Bartošová, Project Manager

"I recommend the whole methodology of PRINCE2."

Michal Chovanec, Co-founder of ProudOnTV, the new video and live broadcasting platform, ProudOn, Inc.

“I liked the practical exercises, pre-course preparation and communication.”

Michal Chmura, Project Manager

"Stefan is an excellent trainer. I was very satisfied with his attitude to the training PRINCE2, including preparation, communication and cooperation."

Zuzana Cillingová, Senior Project Manager 

“Excellent trainers’ presentation, I recommend!”

Ing. Peter Čaniga, PRINCE2 course absolvent

“Everything was good. I enjoyed tests with explanation; also different practical scenarios were good. Very Professional way of presentation and study materials, I really enjoyed place and services.  I chose your organisation based on Quality Guarantee and Best Price Guarantee.”

Barbora Duranziová

 “I would like to thank your company for professional approach to PRINCE2 certification organization. I was very satisfied with the venue, and also with the approach and expert knowledge of Mgr. Martina Jiříčková (PRINCE2 Foundation) and Mr. Ondek (PRINCE2 Practitioner). Thank you.”

Petr Dvořák, Project Manager

"I can highly recommend this training. The lecturer is very experienced and he knows how to combine theory with practice, which is important."

Kamila Gamalová, Manager of the International festival of outdoor films in the city of Zlín

"I have chosen POTIFOB based on Best Price Guarantee and number of participants exam success. The most I liked answers to all questions, testing our knowledge on case study, questions at the end of every topic and response to my requests. Couse support is very well done – immediate response to demand, large number of terms, competence and level of training."

Ing. Aleš Gregor, MBA, Project Manager

 "Well accomplished effective course. I surely can recommend it."

Tomáš Hrdý, IT Manager, Omnicom Media Group

“I chose your company mainly because of your course guarantee. The venue where Scrim Master I + Agile Foundation course was held is great and I was satisfied with the trainer, therefore I recommend to others. Everything was well organized (training venue, web pages). Practical exercises were the best.”

Rastislav Hovančák, System Engineer, Hovee s.r.o.

 “The most I liked the relation to application of theory in practice and practical examples. I appreciate the personal approach and experiences of our trainer and I will definitely recommend you.”

Stefan Jass, PRINCE2 course absolvent

 “I liked the detailed explanation and examples in every part of the explained relations. Clearly, briefly, accurately, focused on topic, good examples, answered questions. I positively recommend.”

Simona Krejčí, Project Manager

“You have professional approach and a comprehensive structure, deep knowledge of the trainer. I recommend.”

Petr Luft, Project Manager

 “Thank you for this course. It was very helpful and appreciated. I think the best was the testing – real questions and examples from ITIL certification training tests were very useful and practical. Our trainer Mr. Brada provided clear and helpful explanation of ITIL topics. The organization and communication is well done. Course is prepared very well and pre-course info and instructions are clear.”

Lucia Maguskova, Transition Project Manager

  "I liked the most preparation for exam. PRINCE2 sample questions were really helpful. The book and study materials are really great. I decided to attend your training based on friend recommendation and I would recommend you to others.”

Milan Majna, Knowledge management, s.r.o.

“Solving the case study was the best. You explain and teach in a playful form.”

Mária, Project Manager

“I really liked the test itself; the trainer did a great job, I recommend!”

Martin Matějka, PRINCE2 course absolvent

"The most I liked the start, a global view of the system, practical examples. Also the complex model on the wall is great. I have chosen you based on my friends recommendation and I would recommend you again."

Martin Mišinec, Project Manager

 “I really liked the study materials, mainly the process model. I will definitely recommend you!”

Petr Novák, PRINCE2 course absolvent

 “You go through every topic in detail, you observe the “timing” and tests are taken seriously. Practical examples were good. I positively recommend!”

Michal Oravec, PRINCE2 course absolvent

“Scrum Master I + Agile Foundation Introduction was absolutely sufficient as an introduction. I really liked your client service and I have already recommended you.”

Kateřina Poláková, course absolvent

“Mr. Ondek is a good trainer, training venues and refreshments were flawless. Event manual and case study are excellent!

Roman Porubän, Project Manager

"I can recommend the training. Methodology and the training itself pleasantly impressed me."

Michal Procházka, MBA, Project Manager, Independent contractor/ consultant

"Very professionally guided training tied to practical experience and certification itself."

Ivan Sekerka, thinker & scanner

“The most I liked the practical examples, I was happy with Mr. Ondek and I recommend him!”

Marek Surový, consultant

"You provide great pre-course instructions and study materials. You explain everything clearly during the course. I really liked the examples from practice and useful tips for the exam and the group exercises.”

Zuzana Szullová, PRINCE2 Practitioner course absolvent

“Practical exercises were great. Event manual and the case study were excellent.”

Jindřich Šimeček, PRINCE2 course absolvent

“I really liked the group exercises and practice tests. You have a good training technique (theory, control questions, case study). I recommend!”

Robert Šlik, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course absolvent

 "Perfectly designed and prepared training, balanced theory supported by practical experiences, made in the way only Stefan can do, thus not boring. I highly recommend this course."

 Jan Šipka, Senior IT Project Manager as freelancer at Volkswagen

"I am satisfied both with the method and the training itself, they both met my expectations."

Viktor Ter-Akopow, Project Manager

“The most I liked the practical exercises, which are really necessary. I also liked preparation for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. You do everything well. I recommend!”

Martin Valdner, PRINCE2 course absolvent

“I enjoyed the whole course. Trainer has an interesting and professional approach. Thank you. I will definitely recommend you!”

Jaroslav Vašíček, PRINCE2 Foundation course absolvent

 “I enjoyed the practice work in group to better memorize key functions, responsibilities. Everything was explained well with understanding. You have well done organization, presentation. See you next time.”

Rostislav Záruba

 "I liked the most applying information in practice – during exam. Good explanation and course leading. Stay on the same line of quality!“

Rostislav Záruba

 “I liked all parts of the course. Great choice of a trainer – Mr. Ondek.”

 Richard Zuska, Business Consultant

 “I liked the most practical applications, because of perspective impact on the future endeavour. You communication and willing to solve raised issues was managed very properly and without objections."

Roman Žlebek

“The most I liked the exercises. I was very happy with our trainer.”

PRINCE2 course participant

 “The trainer is really extensive knowledge. I enjoyed practical exercises. I recommend!”

PRINCE2 Foundation PRINCE2 course participant

“I really liked the group exercises; pleasant venue and environment in Prague. I recommend!”

PRINCE2 Foundation PRINCE2 course participant

“I enjoyed every part of the course. You make great PRINCE2 courses. I recommend!”

PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner course participant

“I liked the whole course. I recommend!”

PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner course participant

 “You have personal approach to people. I really liked our discussions and also the lunch :-) I recommend!”

PRINCE2 Practitioner PRINCE2 course participant

“I came to you based on recommendations. I like the pre-course communication and course organization. The venue in Prague is professionally equipped including accessories.”

PRINCE2 Foundation PRINCE2 course participant

 "I particularly liked practical and creative demonstrations of project implementation at PRINCE2 Foundation course. You keep the PRINCE2 "spirit" which you are able to transfer to participants. It "caught" us. "

Rastislav Pavlík, Múdre veci, s.r.o.

"I liked presentation and examples from practice. I appreciate e-learning, I like quizzes. Great and funny trainer. Thank you, I liked it!"

Marek Jedinák, Marketing Manager (participant of PRINCE2 Foundation course)