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PRINCE2 Foundation a Practitioner courses and certification, Agile Scrum Intro training - PosAm
"The case study helped me to understand the uncertainties during the PRINCE2 course. Communication during the excersises with other student groups was also helpfull. Stefan is perfect - professionally and humanly. I'm glad that he was our trainer. The training premises are very pleasant. The whole training was great experience for me. My colleagues recommended me your company and I will recommend you, too."
Zuzana Podskočová, Project Administrator, PosAm, spol. Ltd.

"The Scrum bible is excellently written and easy to understand, it is completely sufficient, the Agile Scrum Introduction course as well. I liked the exercises the most - it is refreshing and helps one to remember more. The training was balanced. Understandable and simple. Thank you, you have my recommendations."

Martina Tomášiková, PosAm, spol. s r.o.