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Nuvia a.s.

PRINCE2 courses and certifications - Nuvia a.s.

“You communicate well and you have great customer approach. The most I liked exercises.”

Richard Joura, NUVIA a.s.

 “I liked all parts of the course, but most of all the practical examples. It is my pleasure to recommend you.”

Petr Kovařík, project manager, NUVIA a.s.

 “I really liked the whole organization and quality of the course; I enjoyed the case study exercises. I will gladly recommend you.

Martin Lavický, project manager, NUVIA a.s.

“The most I liked the case study. Everything you do, you do well. I will recommend you to others!”

Pavel Matoušek, NUVIA a.s.

“I would recommend this course, lecturers are very good trained and experienced. I liked their practical exercises.”

Soběslav Neufuss, Nuvia a.s.