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HAiDA s. r. o.

PRINCE2 courses and certification  - HAiDA s. r. o.

"You have well done system of pre-course instructions about training course, preparation requirements etc. I recommend!"

Petr Čapek, HAiDA s.r.o.

"The overall course quality, Event Manual and case study are excellent. I recommend!"

Štěpán Drška, HAiDA s.r.o.

"I really liked your e-learning environment. I recommend."

Radek Josef, HAiDA s.r.o.

"The most I liked trial tests. You have well done e-learning and marketing."

Luboš Socha, project manager, HAiDA s.r.o.

"Event manual and case study were excellent. I was also very satisfied with our trainer."

David Wildman, HAiDA s.r.o.