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How to choose the right project management system and training?

There is no „one size fits all" project management system.

Key questions to be considered when deciding, which one to use and wich certification/s to pursue, if any, are:

  1. Which license is which system offered under? Main distinction: Creative Commons (free to use, no permissions needed) vs proprietary (all rights reserved, permissions and often license fees/ royalty payments required)
  2. Which system/ standard/ method is our organisation's project management system based on?
  3. Which project management system do our main customers use and require?
  4. Which project management system do our main vendors use?
  5. Which eligibility criteria do our potential certification candidates meet?
  6. How good is the potential candidates' command of English?
  7. Is certification according to one project management standard enough for us?
  8. How much can we afford to spend on project management training & certification? Make sure to incorporate costs of certification renewal into your calculation as these are quite siginificant for some of the certifications.

If your organisation is preparing to implement a project management system, we recommend you to use as the basis due to its practicability, free availability & ease of use and, as & if if needed, supplement it with project management tools & techniques provided by other project management bodies of knowledge and methods like the PMI PMBOK Guide, PRINCE2 or IPMA ICB.