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University of Hradec Králové

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner, Agile Scrum courses and certification - University of Hradec Králové

"Regarding the Agile Scrum Foundation course I most appreciate qualified trainers and info from practice. I recommend it".

Karel Myška, Project Manager, Univerzita Hradec Králové"

"I liked the first day most – when I was fresh :). Case studies were great for remembering and practicing the theme, they brought a lot of interesting questions. I evaluate the whole course very positively. You really transfer the knowledge, training, explanations very well. You have an excellent attitude towards people/students in general. It is honestly a very komplex method, maybe at the beginning one feels a little bit confused. But thanks to the choice of a logical sequence of sections the student is able to find a way to the problem and to understand the links."

Ing. Zuzana Němcová, assistant professor and graduate, University of Hradec Králové, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses participant

"What I liked the most were the exercises, but the lectures were very good, too. Time management responds very well to the planned schedule and at the same time we managed to cover all topics. "

Participant of PRINCE2 certification courses, Univerzity of Hradec Králové

"I most liked group activities and exercises, which contributed to a better understanding of the subject and applied examples mentioned by the lecturer. Really good communication with students, a professional lecturer with a human approach."

Participant of PRINCE2 certification courses, Univerzity of Hradec Králové