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Real-Life Benefits of PRINCE2 Training & Certification for Organizations & Individuals

What is PRINCE2 Training?

The PRINCE2 method of project management has been proven to deliver benefits applicable to real-life situations confronted by organizations and individuals.  The training and certification offered in the PRINCE2 program have become a leading international training program.

PRINCE2 is a standard of high quality recognized in countries around the world as being a training industry leader.  The abbreviation PRINCE stands for Projects In Controlled Environments.  The current PRINCE2 program is the newest version of the training, which offers all the latest learning materials.
What are the Benefits of PRINCE2 Training?
The many benefits of PRINCE2 training are applicable to individuals, businesses, and organizations across a wide range of nations of the world.  The PRINCE2 method originated in the UK, but quickly was adopted by companies everywhere due to its great advantages.
Within any organization, many project stakeholders will benefit, from the training including:
  • top management
  • project managers
  • line managers
  • members of project teams
  • members of support teams
The techniques and principles taught in PRINCE2 training show individuals and organizations how to be successful by carrying out their projects in a controlled way.

One of the benefits of PRINCE2 training is to learn what makes for a successful project completion.  In the training, there will be discussions of many of the factors that contribute to success, such as:
  • strength of leadership
  • careful planning
  • delivering all the expected quality specifications
  • maintaining personal relationships necessary for success
  • achieving approval of all the key stakeholders
  • project completion that is on time and within budget
What are some of the special advantages to be gained from PRINCE2?  Some of the distinct benefits of PRINCE2 training include:
  • the ability to recognize and avoid the common reasons for project failure
  • learning successful techniques by focusing on actual business cases
  • acquiring a structured method of dealing with a wide variety of situations that might occur in the course of a project
Different organizations will emphasize some particular benefits of the training applicable to the types of projects that usually occur in their operations, while other individuals or businesses might find more useful certain techniques peculiar to their own projects.
For example, one company could gain mainly by using the principle which emphasizes the importance of senior level commitment to a project, whereas a different organization would derive more benefit from the successful methods of dealing with cultural barriers to change.
Accredited PRINCE2 training programs can be applied to many kinds of projects.  Regardless of the size of the project, or how long it is expected to take to complete it, the benefits of PRINCE2 training can be put into practice from beginning to end.  PRINCE2 establishes best practices applicable to improving project management in all industries.   The benefits of PRINCE2 training have been proven to contribute greatly to the success of any project.
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