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PRINCE2® Trainer Training Programs

In the course of our expansion we are providing outstanding project management and IT professionals with the opportunity to become a PRINCE2 or ITIL Approved Trainer with us ("us" meaning the Accredited Training Organization - ATO POTIFOB).

Our PRINCE2 or ITIL Approved Trainers are authorised to provide PRINCE2/ ITIL certification training using our accredited training materials and to invigilate the official PRINCE2/ ITIL certification exams. In addition to that, we automatically offer everybody who passes our PRINCE2 Training Program to become our Business Partner (unless we already have such an agreement in place with his employer).

Our quality standards are very high. Our trainers have to not just be able to deliver a project/ program/ portfolio/ PMO management course, but also be subject matter experts with hands on, real world project/ program/ PMO management experience. They also have to possess and be able to share detailed knowledge of the given standard/ product they can give certification courses in that product (PRINCE2/ ITIL).

To become a PRINCE2 Approved Trainer you first need to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. To become an ITIL Foundation Approved Trainer you first need to pass ITIL Foundation plus 2 ITIL Intermediate exams worth at least 7 credits. To be able to teach also ITIL intermediate and MALC modules, you would need to earn additional ITIL credits first.

You also need to provide us with a CV showing evidence you have 3+ years of project/ IT service management experience and sufficient training delivery experience. This is reviewed by our Lead Trainer, who evaluates it, interviews you as needed and, if he decided you are a good fit, guides you through our Train The Trainer program.

We then provide you with a contract proposal. Upon signing it we give you homework aimed at deepening your product knowledge to Trainer level. Once you complete it to the Lead Trainer's satisfaction, we provide you with access to the electronic version of our course slides so that you are able to start rehearsing the delivery of individual training sessions. When you feel ready for that you deliver a mock session to the Lead Trainer, who provides you with feedback aimed at improving your training delivery skills. This is repeated until both you and the Lead Trainer are confident you are able to start delivering sessions to a live audience.

After successfully participating in this part of the program the new trainer will be required to deliver select sessions of training courses to real delegates under supervision of our Lead Trainer until you, the Lead Trainer and the delegates are fully convinced that you have all what ti takes to deliver quality training in the product on your own. Then the Lead Trainer presents the new trainer to the the Examination Institute (EI). Once the EI approves, the new trainer will be accredited to give courses in the given product/s using our accredited materials & to invigilate respective certifcation exams.

If you have read this far you probably are interested in the financial aspects. So: good news is once we decide you take you on as a new trainer, we charge you for your Train The Trainer Program just the external costs (e.g. trainer accreditation fee) and trainer fees for co-delivering courses with you (you are to sell these courses and bottom line can make a profit already on them). In exchange you sign up for exclusivity, i.e. that you will not deliver without our prior permission training in the given product for another ATO for 3 years from gaining your Approved Trainer status through us (if you would like to deliver training through a different ATO, then we would ask for a share of your trainer fee you earn that way). Another important thing to know is that you would also need to sell the courses you want to deliver.

To make things clear from the beginning: We provide you with the needed training and may provide you with an opportunity to train from time to time, but it is up to you to do most of the selling - and you make money only when you deliver courses. This is not an employment relationship. So if you are looking for a "safe job", this opportunity is not for you.

If you are looking for a way to expand your business by becoming able to sell & deliver certification courses in the world's most popular project, program, portfolio, PMO & IT service management methods & frameworks - PRINCE2 or ITIL, this may be your chance. Please send us your resume and motivation letter if you are interested in becoming an Approved Trainer with us.